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Friday Finds #4

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10 Inspiring Bookstores Around the World!

TGIF Happy People!
An almost wasted week is heading to its end and I am here to share with you ten amazing bookshops around the world! And when I say amazing, I mean like they totally worth crossing oceans to visit them!
I do not know about you, but I am a true bookworm and a sucker for an inspiring interior. Now, see what happens when you combine the romanticism of books with the nostalgia of a place far from fluorescent lights and dexion selves corridors (aka a modern bookstore with electronics on alley 4!)!

1. Libreria Alta Acqua  in Venice, Italy.

Outside the shop there is sign saying "Welcome to the most beautiful bookshop in the world" and I am thinking it just might be!

Notice the gondola in the middle fill with books...

Most tourists will pass by its doors and never know it exists! Well, do not be one of them... If you find yourself in Venice, you make sure to pay a visit and flip through one of the many books you will find there while listening to the water gently splashing through the open door!

 info: Atla Acqua, Sestiere Castello, 5176/B 30122 Venice, Italy

2. Bart's Books in Ojai, California.

This is a beautiful outdoor bookshop, where you can sit and enjoy a short story along with fresh lemonade, or play a game of chess under a tree's shade. It was founded in 1964 and since then it has become a hot spot for community events and art shows.

info: Bart's Books, 302 W. Matilija st. Ojai, California 93023.

3. Word on Water in London.

Now, even if that 's actually a second hand bookshop, nevertheless you will be surprised by the gems you may discover in this boat! The only thing is that it stays at each place for two weeks and then off to the next! So, you will have to do some research if you want to take a look! 

info: Find out more at their Facebook page.

4. Brazenhead Books in New York city.

Run by the inspiring Micheal Seidenberg in his three room apartment in N.Y, this bookshop is a well kept secret. The only word that comes in my mind trying to describe this bookshop, is speakeasy and you will be glad to know that other than selling books, the owner organizes regularly salons in his house where you can relax, discussing, reading, listening to good music and drinking whiskey till the very early hours...

info: Just a website people! Sadly no address...

5. Books Actually in Singapore.

Kenny Leck, the owner of this little gem, is another bibliophile who personally chooses every title his sells in his shop. Along with the books you will also find various vintage knick knacks to bring home with you. So if ever in Singapore, track this bookshop down and pay a visit!

info: Books Actually, 9 Yong Siak st. Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

6. The Abbey Bookstore in Paris.

I know that when you think a Parisian bookstore it will always come to your mind the Shakespear & Co , which is absolutely  amazing but it is filled with tourists and that costs its charm! So here I am to share with you an other enchanting bookshop you 'd rather trust me and check it out when in Paris!

info: The Abbey Bookstore, 29 Rue de la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris.

7. Book/Shop in Oakland, California

What 's the deal with this bookshop? Well, it sells not only the books but everything that may inspire you to read! Clever, huh?

info: Book/Shop, 482 D 49th Street, Oakland, CA, 94709.

8. Atlantis in Santorini, Greece.

Located in one of the most idyllic islands of the Mediterranean, this basement based bookshop is a not so sober dream came true. The idea hit Craig and Oliver, the two friends who run this place, one night while drinking wine on the island. They just realized that there was no such thing to complete their haven so they made it!

info: Atlantis Books, Main Marble Road , PC 84702, Oia, Santorini, Greece.

9. Barter Books in England.

This bookshop was not to be missed from such a list and the reason is much more than nostalgia. The famous poster KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON was long forgotten since the wartime when it was first published until it was rediscover in an old dusty box in this shop!
See the video for more details. 

10. Les Bouquinistes in Paris.

A stroll along the Seine would not be the same if les bouquinistes were not there! Imagine Hemingway and all the other greats of the Belle Epoque browsing through those unique bookstores' titles!

That 's all I had for you this evening Happy People! 
I really hope you enjoyed!


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