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Shop Update #1: Shop Opening

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Hello y'all! This is Kat speaking and i have an announcement to make... *drum roll* ...Happy People is officialy open on etsy!!! And we couldn't be more excited! We make our debut with a variety of printables, from calendars to posters, greeting and postcards.
You can check it out here and we look forward for your feedback.


About HappyPeople

Two friends, in our late twenties, cousins to be, trying our best to deal and laugh with our everyday’s jokes. We live and love and work with our men, we craft what we can and we mess up a bunch of stuff, but hey! That’s the real life ‘s deal… Join us in our journey to the launch of a new business, get inspired by what inspires us, create along with us the little things in which happiness lies… Stay tuned! XO Anna and Kate

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