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Wednesday Wantlist #5

By   HappyPeople      11:50 AM      Labels: ,  
Hello there! 
So... I am coming down with a terrible cold that I really cannot stand at all since I rarely get sick.
At first I thought that it would may be a chance to get some rest and get things done that I usually don't have anytime to do, but I feel awful so I just spent my day, sleeping, watching sitcoms and surfing the web...
And that  is how I came up with this weeks wantlist! 

1. Hipster Tshirt won me on hello! Via this etsy shop.
2. On Amazon you can see one of the toy cameras I 've been seriously eye bowling!

3.  This etsy shop has amazing  handmade undergarments! Just for reference, check out those high wasted panties!

4. I have actually never bought anything from Forever 21 but this geometric pattern Jumpsuit makes me feel it is time!

5. Do you have a turntable? We don't and that 's weird cause I have a whole collection of records, from classic rock n' roll to classical concerts and almost everything in between (thanx dad!). So maybe this one is the right one!

That's all from me Happy People! I hope you enjoyed!


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