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15 Lessons To Learn From Creative People!

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Creative people are different. They just are. There is something so charming in the way they tend to understand the world, in the way they act and react...

As I observed people who I think to be creative, I came to realize that what makes the biggest difference, lies not in what they do but how they do it!

1. First of all, creative people seem to never grow up! They keep their inner child alive and most of all, they treat it well. We should all try to watch our world through the eyes of a child every now and then!

2. They draw inspiration from the least expected. You cannot program your thoughts or set a date with that big idea you 've been waiting forever to have... Go on and live your life, spent well every moment. Inspiration will hit you when you do not expect it!

3.They daydream. A lot. They are here, right next to you, looking at you, but they do not hear you. There is something else in their mind, more or less important it doesn't matter... 

4. They easily lose track of time. When colors, textures, words come to a shape in their heads, nothing else matters. They do what they know best, they trust their instincts and forget the rest.

5.They get bored easily. If they do not absolutely love something, then they won't stick with it. They constantly need to trick their interest.

6. They set a goal, may they fail, they try again. Failure is a possibility, but a creative mind cannot settle for it. It will try and try until things work out!

7. They do not care for those that do not support them. It is not easy to choose to make a living out of your talent. Artists, writers, even bloggers often hear "How about getting a real job. Maybe just for now?" Well, they do not hear those voices.

8. They worry less and act more. As mentioned above, failure is always a possibility no matter what you do, but if you never try something out then sure as hell nothing can be done! So better take the risk and test something, than never try it!

9. They are modest and proud. Creative people are always willing to learn something new, but at the very same time are very sure of what they already know. 

10. It is ok to love and hate an idea. They make something that they love and the very next day they hate it. And vise versa. 

11. They are often bad at numbers. Not all can be good at math.

12. They are excellent observers. They are able to catch even the finest detail and hold it on their mind to use it when it is convenient. 

13. They are always open to new experiences. Do I really need to say something more here?

14. They do not let fear overtake them. The strength of a creative soul is greater than the fear of life!

15. They LOVE. They love life, other people, the animals, the arts, the nature, the beauty, the emotions! This is what makes them so attractive. Their happiness is contagious and this is the main reason we all want creative people in our lives!

I hope you enjoyed!




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