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Project 365 // Days 36-42

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Hello there! How was your week? Hopefully fine and full of good moments!
Mine was kinda snoozed since I came down with a cold and to be honest I didn't actually think that I had enough photos to post an update until I checked my i phone this afternoon. So,here it goes!

Day 36 // I really enjoy spending time with my mom, and I rarely have the time it takes... So I cherrish the moments that our programs coordinate and we can catch up drinking a cup of coffee.This is actually the glass ceiling of the coffee house we went on Monday.

Day 37 //  Started feeling sick so I stayed in and spend the day flipping through the pages of various books. This one is the Fashion Magazine By Alec Soth, PARIS MINNESOTA.

Day 38 // The weeks official attire, pjs and fuzzy socks. 

Day 39 //  "Here 's to us, my little crazy one" said the card and I loved my man even more if possible!

Day 40 // I thought I should take Larry for his first walk. It didn't go well at all since he is terrified that I might leave him. And that 's just cause some asshole dumped him in the middle of nowhere n the first place. I really sometimes hate people so much!

Day 41 // LA vibes run through my neighborhood! Cool like that....

Day 42 // Cold free finally! Hoorayyyy!

And that 's how it went... 
Here 's to a new week!


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Two friends, in our late twenties, cousins to be, trying our best to deal and laugh with our everyday’s jokes. We live and love and work with our men, we craft what we can and we mess up a bunch of stuff, but hey! That’s the real life ‘s deal… Join us in our journey to the launch of a new business, get inspired by what inspires us, create along with us the little things in which happiness lies… Stay tuned! XO Anna and Kate

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