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Project 365 // Days 1-7

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Well, hello Happy People!

A while before New Year, Kate talked to me about Project 365 which is actually about talking a picture a day for a whole year.
Though I 'm not much of a great photograph, I do take a bunch of pictures so I thought it would be fun to give it a try.I am not sure if it 's going to work, if I am going to be any good at capturing the wow factors of my daily life, or even if I will commit to it but anyhow...
Here is how my first week of the project looked like! 

Day 1, Monday 5/1.
Ain't no beginning without a cup of coffee!  

Day 2, Tuesday 6/1.
THAT face! 
Meet Martha a stray baby cat that adopted us and has currently exiled my poor dog at my mother's house...

Day 3, Wednesday 7/1
Safe trip... 
That is the view from my boyfriend's shop. The water front is our store front!

Day 4, Thursday 8/1
Nous sommes tous Charlie!
Terrorists refuse the free thinking and the right to speak freely, they attack democracy, they take lives in the name of some God... No hope for the human race. As for the photo, it is taken more than a decade ago from my 13 year old self with a 36mm film camera. 

 Day 5, Friday  9/1
 Funky coffee shop umbrella installation!
 Well, the truth is that for a second day in a row, I posted an older photo. This is taken last    summer and it was so beautiful to sit under those colorful umbrellas for an iced coffee! But  for the past couple weeks we 've been having awful weather with strong winds, heavy rain and a bit of snow, which wrecked that pour thing! So I prefer to remember it at its previous glory...

Day 6, Saturday 10/1
Keepin' it simple for a day out.
I rarely have time to go out for no reason so I cherish the moments when somebody else makes me to make the time to take a break! In that case, it was my boyfriend's sister that I met for window shopping and coffee.

Day 7, Sunday 11/1
Stop existing and start living! 
Huge meaning if you ask me... I often think to myself that most of our daily life consumes us, leaving us too tired to actually live... Frustrating, huh?

That's all folks!
 I 'll hopefully be posting updates of my project 365 every Sunday so come back to check it out! Positive thoughts that I will not drop out, ok?
Most of the projects photos will be on my instagram account so stop by and say hi if you want! 
And just in case you are on a project 365 mood, make sure to leave a comment below! 


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