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Friday Finds #2

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Frida Kahlo
Well, who does not know Frida? Born in 1907 in Mexico, daughter of Guillermo and Mathilde, wife of Diego Rivera. Frida was involved in a bus accident as a teen, which left her with serious problems troubling her for her whole life. An amazing artist, with her own vision of both her self and the world, she took what she got and lived the life she wanted till the very end.
What we do not know much about Frida is her childhood and early years. And here is what I have to show you today! 
Thanks to her father, a bunch of photos of the Kahlo family life is left for us to gaze upon, allowing us to form a more complete image of one of the most recognizable artists around the world!
 Frida about 2 years old

Frida at four, in 1911

Frida five years old
 Six years old

Frida at the age of twelve with one of her sisters (Christina) on the far left and her best friend (Isabelle Cambos) on the center

Nineteen year old Frida sporting a men 's suit, photographed with two of her sisters (on the left) and her cousins (on the right)

Frida in 1932

If you 'd like to view more photos, then head right to Vintage Everyday!


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