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Friday Finds #1

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2014 's most popular Flickr photos
Hello Happy People!
This Anna, introducing to you the first of our new Friday Finds series!
What is Friday Finds? Every Friday, will post something that we found online during the week and we really really liked!
Well, yesterday I stumbled upon this article on petapixel.com, which was about the most popular flickr photos for 2014 based on their views and favorite markings.
So let's start... from bottom to top!

No 25 by Oleg Oprisco

" *** " 

"When it all comes crushing down, who will you be?"
 No 23 by Vesa Lehtimäki

"The backyard falcon"
No 22 by Jacob Edmiston  

"Red Anemone"
 No 21 by Alex Currie 

 No 20 by Johnson Barros

"Fim de tarde"
 No 19 by Rob Macknill 

"The dreamy coast"
No 18 by Rosie Anne 

"On neighbor's grounds"

"I will learn to love the skies I 'm under"
No 16 by Whitney Justesen 

"Such is the price of leaving"
 No 15 by Masashi Wakui  

No 14 by Alex Benetel  

"Here, once again"
 No 13 by John Smith 

"Oil pastels"
 No 12 by the European Space Agency 

"NAVCAM top 10 at 10km-10"
 No 11 by Trent Davis 

"Bear Lake -Pentax67+Portra 400"
 No 10 by SoulRiser

"Loopy Sky"
 No 9 by Brandon Stanton 

"Besides my dad, she was the only one in the family who was like this"
 No 8 by Laura Williams 

"Night reading"
 No 7 by Mark Rademaker 


 No 6 by Alexandr Tikki 

 No 5 by Lj

No 4 by Rosie Hardy 

"Wherever you lay your  head"

"Persist | Lofoten, Norway""
No 2 by Pete Huu 

"Nightly Shower 130812 F4332"
 No 1 by Elena Shumilova

So which are your favorite(s) guys? I loved the four that I used for the collage on the top of the page...
I hope you enjoyed!


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