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Project 365 // Days 43-49

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Hello there! This is Anna reaching to you with one more update! An update that should be up yesterday, but the fact is that I messed up the days... Anyway!
A (little) bit belated,but  here is this week's update of the project 365!

Day 43 // A bit of cloudy, but mostly sunny Monday!

Day 44 //  A book about tattoos that I had ordered arrived on Tuesday and I got all excited, so here is one of the seven tattoos I currently have.

Day 45 // This week, errand day was on Wednesday. So, casual it is!

Day 46 //  This is what you see if you look out of the east window on 6.15 in the morning...

Day 47 // A friend of mine gave me this book ages ago. It s a poem collection by one of the most famous Greek poets, O.Elytis.
Day 48 // That succulent is grown from a fallen leaf. So glad to see it ready to bloom for the first time!

Day 49 // A 180 degrees change of the weather!

That 's all for now! Next update, on Sunday! 
In the mid time, find me here for more!


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Two friends, in our late twenties, cousins to be, trying our best to deal and laugh with our everyday’s jokes. We live and love and work with our men, we craft what we can and we mess up a bunch of stuff, but hey! That’s the real life ‘s deal… Join us in our journey to the launch of a new business, get inspired by what inspires us, create along with us the little things in which happiness lies… Stay tuned! XO Anna and Kate

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