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Project 365 // Days 29-35

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Hello Happy People! It is Sunday afternoon and as every Sunday afternoon, I am here to update you about the last 7 days of Project 365! 

So, Monday day 29 we decided with my mom to make some grapefruit spoon sweet. I actually don't like, I haven't even tasted it yet but both my mom and Theodore like it so... why not? The process is rather easy. You just have to peal the fruits, cut the peals and thread them, then leave it overnight with the double sugar as its weight and next day boil it until it is left with a syrop.

On Tuesday, I was almost all day long alone at the shop since Theodore had to run some errands.. This is what I wore.

Day 31. What do you think of polymer clay? I had not give it a second thought since high school but then I said I really had to find something to help me relax and I order a bunch of Fimo. Now I only have to make the time to make something!

Thursday was such  fun day! For some reason everyone around seamed to be at their best, even our cat! She was constantly teasing us all day long!

TGIF! Kat was to make this week's Friday Finds post so I had some spare time and I took a walk since we had a sunshine after many days. Not a bad place to live, huh?

It 's been so cold this winter and its supposed to get even worse in the next few days but nevertheless the first spring flowers are already blooming!

See that face? When Theodore returned home this noon her little friend was asleep and she run to wake him up when she heard the front door.

That 's all guys for this week! 
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