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Project 365 // Days 22-28

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Hello, hello, hello! 
This is Anna, it is Sunday afternoon and I am here to update the on and going Project 365!
So.... This week went a bit better than the previous one, but things lately have been so hectic around here that there is almost no time to take a break! 
Anyway... Let's see what happened in the last 7 days, shall we?

Completely busy on Monday morning running errands...

Day 23 and this is what you find where it was supposed to be an operating olive press factory...Just old trashed machinery!

I like tulips, even more when they are wild and they smell so sweet! Day 24 and I bought 3 bouquets...

On Thursday a friend of mine called that we had traveled to Barcelona together and we really had a blast, so we thought it would be nice to go somewhere once again.Too bad that 's not gonna happen any time soon... But, for day 25 I thought I 'd share with you a photo from Casa Batlo in Barcelona that I took back in 2011.

You know, I live in a Greek island, where the weather is pretty soft but the last few days it 's  been like hell! Heavy rains, wild winds, African dust in the atmosphere... Day 26, it did not look so bad until the sky decided to fall on our heads!

What I wore yesterday. I bought this coat from Mango and I am super excited with it! Other than that, the jeans are from Zara and the pullover is no brand. The hand bag I have it for years...

And just to make sure you understood exactly how bad the weather is, here is a photo from today morning... Waves on the road is never good thing!

That 's how my week looked like Happy People! 
I hope you enjoyed!


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