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Project 365 // Days 15-21

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Happy week Happy People! This is Anna and here is the 3rd weekly update of the project 365! I know it was supposed to be up yesterday, but I got caught up in a bunch of  other things which left me with absolutely no energy...
Anyway,this week was CRAZY, not necessarily in a good way,but what to do? That is how it actually looked like... 

Day 15 //  Kate brought us some sea urchins that we had for dinner along with chilled white wine.. 
 Day 16 // I was returning from our shop and while I was driving in some short of a free way I saw this little guy running completely clueless about the danger around moving cars. So there was me after the first shock, running behind him trying to signal the other drivers to slow down... And that is pretty much how I ended up again with two dogs. Meet Larry, our short legged baby boy!

Day 17 // In the beginning of the week we had such nice weather! It looked like spring... 

Day 18 // See this sunset? I wouldn't change living here for anything!

 Day 19 // Then it started pouring down and it hasn't stopped since then!

Day 20 // It took only two days for Martha and Larry to  become friends. Now they are completely annoying running around the house playing!

Day 21 // A huge agave plant nearby my home... I really really dig them!

That 's all folks! 
Next update, next Sunday!


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Two friends, in our late twenties, cousins to be, trying our best to deal and laugh with our everyday’s jokes. We live and love and work with our men, we craft what we can and we mess up a bunch of stuff, but hey! That’s the real life ‘s deal… Join us in our journey to the launch of a new business, get inspired by what inspires us, create along with us the little things in which happiness lies… Stay tuned! XO Anna and Kate

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