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A month of Merriment... Christmas, most favorite edition

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It 's Christmas eve Happy People! 
That got us into a conversation of how our favorite Christmas look like and it turned kinda fun so  we thought we would share with you!

Kate's most favorite Christmas:

Music: Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea. I actually start listening to this song early in December until New Year's eve! 

Movie: Home alone. Cliche, I know it!

Bad habit: Not much of a Christmas bad habit, but every year around this time I start making resolutions that I almost never keep...

Cooking: Stuffed Turkey, of course.

Baking: Traditional Greek cookies with sugar and honey!

A favorite memory: I used to stay up all night the night before Christmas in order to see Santa. I could never understand how I always missed him, even though my gifts were aaaaaalways under the tree!

Anna's most favorite Christmas:

Music: A Joly Christmas by Frank Sinatra. My parents had the Album record and I remember listening to it since I was a little child!

Movie: Love Actually. (Is. Everywhere.)!

Bad habit: Me, like most of you hopefully,  I do two things this time of the year that I tend to regret... I eat like there is no tomorrow and I shop like there is no rest of the month! 

Cooking: Lots and lots of comfort food! Whatever may be it...

Baking: Dried orange slices candied and covered with chocolate.

A favorite memory: When I was little, my dad used to read to me Christmas stories while my mom decorated our Christmas tree... It feels like it was yesterday...

That's all folks! We are off for some rest and much needed catching up with ours! 
We hope you have a merry Christmas, full of love and Happy People around you!  

Anna & Kate

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